Company Hierarchy

A company's hierarchy can be worked to your advantage. It´s good to be aware of this fact since it might provide you with more opportunities.

For instance, a successful act can have several managers working at different levels. The first manager picks up the artist from the street. He might not know a lot about the business so he contacts another manager that does. The second manager contacts an A&R that might pass on the act to another A&R department, which also makes him a manager for that act.

Within a record company you might also find a Head of A&R, Pop A&R, Rock A&R and various assistants all over the place. As you know by now, there is usually only one of those who you really want to work with, although contacting his colleagues could be a good idea. Sometimes the record company also has its publishing company in house, and, in this case, it could be good to contact the A&R via the publisher.

This spider web structure of filters does offer advantages, as you may want to contact any one of those filters in between you and the person you wish to work with, depending on your level and theirs. Just always make sure that you get some sort of personal feedback, otherwise you are obviously enquiring at an excessively high level. Also, make sure that you do not get stuck with a person in between that insists on working with you, instead of helping you to get to the person who you really want to work with.

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